Angular 5 Universal(Node) Configuration in Nginx with port 4000

# Angular-5-Base-Universal(Node)-and-AOT This is a Custom Angular Framework ( ng version 5.0 ) powered by Selim Reza ###The Features of this Frameworks
    1. Ng Basic Components 
    2. Authentication 
    3. SEO 
    4. Open Graph
    5. Routing 
### Stack we used:
    1. Angular Universal (Node)
    2. Anguler AOT 
    3. NG Serve 
### Run on Local PC Normally We use `serve` to get the application run into the browser
    $ ng serve -o 
### Compile In this application we have 2 types of compile processor For AOT
    $ sudo ng builg --aot 
For Universal (Node version)
    $ sudo npm run build:ssr
Serve for Universal/Node Version
    $ sudo npm run serve:ssr
### Deploy To Nginx This Application will run on the port `4000` Step 1 : We need `PM2` to run this port available to run application using the port `4000`
    $ sudo npm install pm2@latest -g
And from the root applition run the following command
    $ sudo pm2 start /dist/server.js   
At Last We need to add proxy in `nginx config file` :: at `location / ` add the following line:: proxy_pass; # That’s All. Enjoy Universal Angular Resource :
Selim Reza

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