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BUS 500 | Spring 2017

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Md. Selim Reza

Student ID: 171-5237-060



I am Md. Selim Reza (Student ID : 171-5237-060) doing course of Business Communication for Managers (BUS500) with my partner Md. Rabiul Islam. In this we learn the communication system among the team or organization. I learn the way to work together, to influence people and persuasion. My partner helped me to achieve my goal.


In our country there are lots of poor student are not able to continue their education for cost. I research on some rural areas and found some student from poor family are not capable to maintain their education cost. I want to help them. It could be some financial help. So I want to setup an online organization where rich people will donate some money for the student to develop the country. This is my plan to work on over the semester.


—-What did you ask your partner to do to support you?

For my plan I asked my partner to support me according to the following area(s):

  1. Technology I will use
  2. Platform for donating money
  3. Advantage and Disadvantage for this organization
  4. Features on online tools
  5. Monitoring systems and
  6. Evaluation System

My Partner Mr. Rabiul Islam helped to get more information for online organization. He also advised me with some strong guide(s). After that I got myself to re-arrange my plan.


— What plan did you make to work together?

I planned to work together to fulfill our goal. I made a timeline (log) to distribute individual’s task. We sat each week and marked the timeline what we did.

Also we set up online tools to share our task(s) and process real time.




Place and Date


Set Up my goal to make an online organisation and for my partner to learn diving on the semester

NSU, 21st Jan


I collected all information from a driving school near to location and delivered all info to my partner. Also I asked to my partner for the technical information which should be there on online.

NSU, 30th Jan


We analysis our data and make a short list. After that We focus on our cost.

NSU, 11th Feb


I started to develop an online tools and my partner admitted driving school. We started working for our goal.

NSU, 18th Feb


My partner shared some difficulties for his time and cost. I helped him to make a timeline maintaining his daily activities. Also I shared my difficult terms in technology. He noted the issues.

NSU, 25th Feb


My partner sent me some solution for my issues. I integrated them into my system. I re-designed my system according to my partner’s information

NSU, 4th Mar


We sat together again to check our progress and made them in graphical percentage : I did 45% and my partner did 40%.

NSU, 10th Mar


According to our progress we made a decision we will invest more time to fulfill our goal in the semester. After that I re-framed my timeline as well my partner. I asked someone senior to help me to make my system smoother.

NSU, 19th Mar


I purchased a server to host my system for wireframe to make it live for test. Also I asked my partner to get some people who will test my site/system from their end. And they will let us know the user experience and feedback further modification.

NSU, 26th Mar


My Partner is learnt driving with basic rules. He is going to take some advanced teaching from the school. And I modified my system and made it live in test server. I am done almost 90%.

NSU, 1st Apr


After some hard working we fulfil our plan. We reached to the end of our plan. We are almost done 95%.

We are confident now that we can achieve our goal within this semester. We analysis SWOT for my system (online tools).

As result I feel good to get the result and ready to launch the alpha version. Which will be able to help our poor student to get their scholarship for their education system.


To develop my system (online tools) I asked someone senior to review my design and architecture. He coached my for with some points, which are integrated into my online tools. Where student can submit their profile and ask scholarship for their education.


From my point of view I learnt lots of things which are related to my real life. I earn some knowledge how to develop a plan, how to execute my thought among the world. Also most important thing is that collaboration is the best way to make anything perfect. Helps are highly appreciated for any team or organization. This experience helped to work better among my team at office. Now I am able to think something in proper way.


Yes. I encounter small difficulties for my online system. There were some challenging to cover up the server and system related issue. I searched on google to find out the solution which should be fixed. After a long research and analysis I got the solution.


I analysis the situation and research on them by searching on google. I got lots of solution on google. I tested them into my system and make a solutions which will be fixed the entire system.


Is there any application for this type of collaboration in other areas of your life?

Yes. In it firm I have some collaboration in someone’s design in my personal and professional life. There is an option to collaborate among the developers which is called version control system. Most of the time I use github or bitbucket to control the version. This kind of idea(s) are awesome.


In future I will be developed my system with more clients/tools. My online organization will help the people as well country. My vision is to spread out my help among the country. I love my country. For sure I will help my people as well as country.


Partner project was awesome. This helped us to collaborate , to share, to take responsibilities. As a partner my experience was tremendous working for this kind of application. Indeed it will help me in future to make something better. Without any help from my partner and senior it was not possible to complete my plan. Also my friends encouraged me much to fulfil my goal.

Selim Reza

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