Chows is a fine dining contemporary Cantonese and Dim Sum restaurant in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Chow’s is the first exclusively fine dining restaurant that serves traditional Cantonese cuisine and Dim Sum in Dhaka. I chose this company for their business strategy and communication strategy. Also they source the freshest local ingredients as well as specialty ingredients directly from China to bring their consumer a subtle and flavourful dining experience. Comprehensive Communication Strategy: Chows has their own PR agency to communicate with different stakeholders. Management of Chows’ PR is done through directives given by the MD to their agency. They have comprehensive plan to ensure that they build understanding and positive attitudes in all the groups that influence their success. The plan should cover the audience for communication, current level of understanding, important messages, media for communicating and measurement of not only ROI but goodwill through positive feedback. A comprehensive plan brings together individual plans for marketing communications, internal communications and stakeholder communications. Integrating the plans ensures that consistent messages are communicated to all groups. Why It’s essential for any company :: 1. Identify the groups that are important to your business. The groups or stakeholders include customers, employees, retailers and distributors, suppliers and business partners, government agencies and the local community. 2. Create a simple survey form or speak to individuals to discover their attitudes toward your company, your products and your business plans. 3. Create a series of messages that communicate information that is important to each target group. Tell customers about your capabilities and product plans. Make employees aware of the career opportunities your business plans will create. Let the community know about your concern for the environment / their personal safety and health. 4. Choose media that deliver messages to the target groups cost effectively. Issue press releases to local newspapers as a strategic way of reaching target audiences. Company’s Strategy Chows offers Unique High End Place in Dhaka city for corporate audience. Chows built a network with high net worth individuals among the targeted market. Re-build the network for the targeted client Partner with corporate to host their events Event Management: Chows has an array of dining options from sit down dinner/ lunch service to buffet and/or finger foods as well as audio visual set up for more corporate events. Karaoke, shisha and poker tables are available for smaller, more intimate gatherings New Offerings: Chows is constantly trying to attract new audiences and grow their client base through unique menu options as well as limited events. Such as a new High Tea Menu, Bruch Menu ( offered only on weekends) and events such as hosting football and cricket nights and offering special Dim Sum lunches on Boxing Day or New Years Day etc. Mission-Vission Chows has own mission for the corporate clients. Their mission is to serve the client with the following Services: Unique place for family and friends for dining and events Audio-Visual setup for corporate events, presentations etc Fine dining Authentic Cantonese food by hiring of foreign chefs
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Chows Chows launched on 24th December, 2015 in Banani area of Dhaka city. It launched with a complimentary dinner for high net worth individuals. From 2016, Chows grew their business among the corporate clients as like : Banks, NGO, MNCs and Company and many more. It has some department to maintain the PR communications among the clients. Chows has own PR agency to ensure their service better in the Dhaka City. Marketing and Communication department are integrated at PR Agency (Space Dawg). Space Dawg is a sister company. Its works directly under the direction of Managing Director. PR Communication: Chows re-engage their clients with their marketing strategy. They use Facebook, Website, Images, Review tools through online etc. Media to deliver message to client: Newspaper : Dhaka Tribune , The Daily Star, ICE Today Online: Dhaka Foodies, Food Bank, Food Talk, Chows Facebook page, Chows Instagram page and TripAdviser, Media: Photoshoot and publication Corporate Event : Chows offers to their client for corporate event. Since Chows already covered some corporate events for SCB, Robi Axiata, Renata, Direct Fresh External Stakeholders: It has External Stakeholders as below: Traditional Media Corporate Databases Corporate help for re-marketing Target Market / Client Elite client High network Banks, NGO, Foreign Delegates Corporate Clients : Renata, Robi Axiata, Direct Fresh, Zonta etc Management Structure MD (Managing Director) Agency (Space Dawg) - works directly under MD Crisis: On the night of 1 July 2016, at 21:20 local time, five militants took hostages and opened fire on the Holey Artisan Bakery in Gulshan Thana – an affluent area with many embassies in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The assailants entered the bakery with crude bombs, machetes, pistols, and took several dozen hostages (foreigners and locals). In the immediate response, while Dhaka Metropolitan Police tried to regain control of the bakery, two police officers were shot dead by the assailants. In that circumstances Chows got empty customer in their restaurant. Chows went down from the business. They also got pressure from political leaders to close the business. Evaluation: Chows got Stay Order from the court Added more security around the restaurant Setup two way in-out system Set some security people Setup Security design in wall way After 2/3 Months Chows got their business up. Also they got back their client’s trust Conclusion: Chows is a brand of Fat Duck Ltd, it has better comprehensive communication strategy. It has own PR agency. All are working under an umbrella. Stakeholders are very closed to help. PR communication is reaching out more client as Elite people in the country. Its using some effective methods to build new relationship among the targeted market. Re-marketing policy is awesome for this company. From my point of view, I would like to set up new methods for communications to ensure re-engaging the client’s relationship. I would re-arrange the databases and integrate the technology to make the business larger.
Selim Reza

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